Rachel Phillips

I have always made character based imagery that expresses
attitudes and emotions. The compositions are flat planes of color that
function as theatrical spaces, moody backdrops and segmented
frames that hold alternate intentions and nonrelated situations. The
whole space is a place for me to work out different thoughts and
scenarios that while often emotionally based can also be abstract or
textural explorations. These non-related ways of working create a
nonlinear narrative and connect things that otherwise don’t intersect.

The recent political environment has caused the characters in my
work to take on more archetypal roles most notably is that of the
Witch. The character can be man, woman, self-portrait or even a
specific person in the media. These characters are cartoony in their
rendering and larger than life. They embody many things
simultaneously such as sexual freedom, unscrupulous behavior, and
overwhelming anxiety. While the overall paintings don’t tell a coherent
story, the characters attitudes and personalities create a non-linear
narrative where one thing is affecting another. This more focused
development is the result of my existential dread of the Trump
presidency and the foreboding of what is to come.